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Service Learning Opportunities


Service May Be Performed in the Following Ways:

Through an existing school club or activity group;
Through an existing, approved agency or organization within the community;
Through student-initiated projects within the school or community;
Through class-initiated projects within the school or community;
Through religious or civic organizations sponsoring efforts which meet Westside’s definition of Service Learning;
Through activities on behalf of specific political candidates or issues, generally limited to 20 hours.

*The above guidelines were developed by a committee of parents, faculty members, and administrators who worked during the summer of 1993 to incorporate the ideas and recommendations of the entire Westside staff into a viable, workable graduation requirement and program.

Hierarchy of Questions for Oral Reflection

(Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy)
Sample questions designed to encourage critical thinking by a student helping in a convalescent home:
Knowledge: What were your first impressions of the nursing home?
Comprehension: How was this nursing home similar or different from what you expected?
Application: How has volunteering at the nursing home changed your perspective on your own grandparents?
Analysis: What parts of the experience were most challenging to you?
Synthesis: What have you personally learned about yourself from this service experience?
Evaluation: What suggestions would you make to improve this service site, either in specific operating procedures or for future volunteers?
Note: None of the above questions can be answered with just “yes” or “no!” All require detailed answers.

Service Guidelines

1) All hours MUST be turned in by the appropriate deadline. Hours turned in after the deadline will NOT be accepted. Deadlines for the year are as follows for the 2019-2020 school year:

September 6 — Summer Hours Deadline
January 24 — First Semester Deadline
April 17 — Seniors FINAL DEADLINE
May 8 — Second Semester Deadline for all other students

2) Limitations on hours:
The following activities have a limit of 20 hours maximum.  All remaining hours done in each category are considered honor service hours.

3) Hours must be PRE-approved by homeroom teacher!

4) Only hours for NON-PROFIT organizations are acceptable.

5) In order to receive a pass:
           First semester:  Juniors 50 hours, Seniors 70 hours
           Second semester: Juniors 60 hours, Seniors 80 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Service Learning?
Service Learning is active student participation in an unpaid activity which is of benefit to other individuals or groups, community agencies, or the community at large.

Is Service Learning a graduation requirement?
Yes, 80 hours of service learning must be completed in order to graduate from Westside High School.

Are there Service Learning opportunities through school?

Yes, many clubs participate in Service Learning projects throughout the year.  Join a club! Other opportunities are posted on the Service Learning Bulletin Board (across from the art display in the Warrior Walkway).
What is the process for gaining Service Learning credit?
1) Student gets pre-approval from homeroom advisor (includes parent signature)
2) Student does the service
3) Agency fills out their section (after completion of service)
4) Student writes reflection paragraph
5) Student reflects to homeroom (gets advisor’s signature)
6) Student turns it in to homeroom advisor

How often is PowerSchool updated?

PowerSchool is updated two times a week.  Once hours are turned in, please allow AT LEAST one full week for hours to update.

Can my 8th grade student earn hours prior to entering high school?
Yes. However, students may NOT attain forms until school has officially ended for the year.

How do I get a form in the summer?
Forms can be picked up from the main office during summer office hours.  To receive a form, students must provide the name of the organization and dates service is to be performed.

Who do I contact if the hours listed on PowerSchool are incorrect?

Please contact Sarah Schau, Service Learning Coordinator, at 402.343.2804 or Schau.Sarah@westside66.net 

Click here for examples of how service learning can be integrated into the curriculum.

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Click here for a list of additional service opportunities within the community.

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