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Family Information For Westside Closures

Good afternoon, Westside families,

Once again, we thank you for your incredible support and understanding as we plan and prepare for this coming week. Today’s communication is aimed at answering the most frequently asked questions we are receiving regarding our closure due to concerns related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Please note: we continue to receive updates from our mass messaging provider that email delivery may be slow/stopped due to an unprecedented number of school districts across the country sending messages, just as we are. If you know of a district family who is NOT receiving messages, please let us know and forward this message on to them. We are also posting updates on all district websites and social media in our attempt to reach all families, despite technical issues that are out of our control. THANK YOU for your patience.


How will the Extended Campus Learning Plan work to continue education for my child at home?

  • Our Teaching & Learning Team is working closely with our educators to share lesson plans, guidelines and resources for our Extended Campus Learning Plan.
  • Our teachers will take part in district training Monday and/or Tuesday. Assignments and at home instruction will begin Wednesday.
  • Attached to this email are documents outlining guidance for our parents and guidance for our students. Please review these attachments; they cover what will be expected of our teachers, how you can structure learning for your child at home, responsibilities for your student and for you as a parent, etc. We will also post these plans on our website.
  • Please consider checking out this wonderful resource with ideas for parents preparing for next week, ‘5 Tips For Families As They Transition To Home Learning.’ https://www.learningpersonalized.com/5-tips-for-families-as-they-transition-to-home-learning/

How do we access food for our children if we need it?

  • We will staff two sites Monday, 3/16 from 8:30am-1:00pm
  • For any family who shows up at these sites, we will provide every child (age 0-21) in that household 5-days worth of meals to include breakfast and lunch.
  • Families will take these food supplies home.
  • There is no charge for this and no ID required. It will mirror our Summer Meals program, except families will take food home rather than eating it on site.

What about childcare for my students who relied on Early Childhood Centers, Underwood Hills, or Club 66?

  • The Westside Foundation and Underwood Hills fall under the same closure rules; they will be closed for the week of 3/14-3/20.
  • Please note: this is one of the areas that has caused the most concern for all Westside administrators, as we know the strain and stress this will place on many of our staff and families. We have reviewed and examined multiple ideas, but ultimately, we must follow the same guidelines in place for all students; with guidance from local medical and health department experts, our partners with the Westside Foundation feel it is in the best interest of our students and staff to close.

What will happen to activities, testing, events and other student/family plans that had been in place for this week, and later this month?

  • All Westside Community Schools events, including anything that was scheduled to take place in our buildings, from 3/14-3/22 are cancelled.
    • For our Spring Activities/Sports athletes and participants, this means no practices, competitions, games, etc for this week.
    • Battle of the Books, scheduled for Saturday March 21 at Westside Middle School, has been cancelled.
    • 6th Grade Strings Solos/Ensemble Night scheduled for March 16 is cancelled
    • Elementary Music Programs/Variety Shows scheduled for this week are cancelled
    • The Mock Crash scenario planned for April 2 at Westside High School has been cancelled.
  • Plans moving forward will be determined on a week-to-week basis. If our schools are closed, activities/events will also be cancelled.
    • We are hopeful the NSAA will provide information regarding a universal decision about Spring activities. We will share that with all families.
    • We currently have the ACT scheduled for all juniors on March 24. If school is closed, we will use April 21 as our makeup testing date.
    • 6th Grade Information Night at Westside Middle School is currently scheduled for March 23-24. If school is closed, we will update families on a cancellation or rescheduled date.
    • If you are a parent/staff member in charge of a district-related event March 23 or beyond, we strongly encourage you to begin discussions about back-up plans.

My family needs help; with childcare, with food, with support, with everything. What should I do?

  • In true Westside fashion, we have received countless emails from our families offering help for our students with limited resources. If you are a parent struggling during these closures, please reach out to Director of Student Services Robert Aranda at aranda.robert@westside66.net. We will place you on a confidential list to connect you with resources available through the kindness of our Westside Community. We cannot promise anything, but we will do the best we can to support you and our students.
  • If you are a family/parent willing to help support students during these closures, please connect with Mr. Aranda in the email included above. THANK YOU in advance for your kindness and truly representing the WE in Westside.

My child left something at his/her school. Can I get back in to get those items?

  • YES. All schools will be open Monday between 9:00am – 4:00pm for any families that need to come to school to pick up technology, medications, books, instruments, etc. Please take home everything you may need in the immediate future.


We realize you may have questions spanning beyond this document – we do, too. We will continue to address these questions as they come in and share our plans with you as they develop.

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Parent Guidance for Extended Campus Learning.pdf

Student Guidance for Extended Campus Learning.pdf

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