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Westside High School West Campus

Mission, Philosophy, and Goals


The mission of the Westside Community School District, as an innovative educational system, is to ensure academic excellence and to serve the unique needs of all learners.


The vision of the Westside High School West Campus is to provide an environment that encourages personal growth and engages all students in achieving academic excellence.  We believe in:

a personalized learning environment

rigorous curriculum

critical and creative thinking

a safe environment

lifelong learning

responsible citizenship

preparation for life beyond high school


All students will meet or exceed District and State standards and overall performance on District and State assessments.

Each student will participate in a setting that will help students achieve challenging educational goals tailored to his or her abilities, interests, and future aspirations.

All students will receive social/emotional and academic support based on their own personalized learning plan.

All students will make a successful transition from one level of education to the next.


We will develop and implement plans to maintain a small, positive, community environment.

We will develop and implement plans to advocate for the unique and individual needs of all students.

We will develop and implement plans to better prepare students for their future.

Program Components

The West Campus expectations are:

To provide an opportunity for every student to obtain academic credits.

To provide a smaller student to staff ratio.

To provide learning experiences with extended teacher and peer supports that enable students to graduate.

To provide learning opportunities at both campuses, as appropriate.

To provide learning experiences that enable students to be successful in postsecondary learning and work environments.

To provide relative autonomy from standard district operating procedures as approved by the superintendent or his/her designee.


The Westside High School West Campus is a high school that provides educational services as part of the Westside Community Schools system in a different setting from the main campus. School improvement goals are congruent with those at Westside High School.

HIGH SCHOOL | Start 8:00 - Dismiss 3:10 ( Wednesdays | Dismiss 2:50 )