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Westside High School West Campus

About Us

Westside High School West Campus is an extension of the main campus. The Westside Board of Education voted February 2016 to rename the campus, formerly known as the Westside High School Career Center, to match its renewed focus and facilities.

Students come to WHSWC for a variety of reasons that interfere with their academic success. In the smaller learning environment, they are able to learn skills to help them achieve the goal of graduating from high school, which leads to their post secondary plans of either entering the work force, the military or college.

Students earn a Westside High School diploma, so the graduation requirements are the same as the main campus.  The semester is divided into five units of study; therefore, students are allowed to earn credits as the semester proceeds.  This benefits students in that they earn credits immediately and if they lose credits, they can start earning them the next grading unit instead of having to wait until the following semester.

If they are second year seniors or Fast Track students, they are able to graduate as soon as they have completed their requirements.   This allows them to start their post secondary paths much sooner.

WHSWC uses the Boys Town Safe and Effective Schools Program.  All teachers and staff are trained in the model.  Students are taught the soft social skill in their small base Advisory groups.   These are the essential skills required for success in the work place.

More academic and demographic information about Westside High School West Campus can be found on the state of Nebraska Department of Education website.

HIGH SCHOOL | Start 8:00 - Dismiss 3:10 ( Wednesdays | Dismiss 2:50 )